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Your Lively Updates for Commander X

9/28/04 06:07 pm - duolon2k3 - FFAC Document

pre translation @_@


spoilers yep

9/28/04 06:51 am - duolon2k3 - Neo Geo Battle Coliseum /King of Fighters 94 Re-Bout

Another Pic

heheheCollapse )

it will indeed be a great game but where the fuck is setsuna ?! Oo


my brother shown me the link to some vids and some hi-res pics of it.. but i have to find it again.. it looks erally promising so be ready for that soon today

9/23/04 10:27 am - duolon2k3 - Brand New NT Warrior / Return of Samurai Jack and SWars Clone Wars

source : ANN

More MegaMan NT Warrior for Kids (2004-09-22 18:47:35)
Kids'WB has ordered an additional 30 episodes of MegaMan NT Warrior. The new episodes will air in the spring of 2005, in the meantime Kids'WB will air the first two seasons daily from October 4th to October 22nd and again from November 22nd to December 9th. Cartoon Network will also air a MegaMan NT Warrior marathon on Saturday, October 2nd.

it was only a matter of time ;p


in other news , Never before seen Samurai Jack episodes will be show on toonami along with the whole Clone War cartoon on Toonami so dont expect animes on that day.. go out and get your freak on ;p.

9/21/04 06:30 am - duolon2k3 - TGS FULL Exhibition line up

TGS lineupCollapse )

9/17/04 09:48 pm - duolon2k3 - Rockman EXE5 website out/Sega and Sammy Merger


showing both games Team Blues and Team Colonel

EDIT: this is what i just found out from rpgfan

Sega Sammy Considering Mergers and Acquisitions
09.17.04 - 10:44 PM

During a news conference, Sega Sammy Holdings president and chairman Hajime Satomi mentioned his company would actively look at mergers and acquisitions to become one of the world's five largest third party publishers. While Satomi's comments focused on foreign companies, he did not rule out the possibility of a merger with or acquisition of a Japanese company either. Sega Sammy currently boasts a staff of 600 game developers, most of them working for Sega's internal developing studios Sonic Team, Sega AM2, Sega WOW, Amusement Vision, Hitmaker, Smilebit and Digital Rex. According to Satomi, more than 1,000 developers however are required to become a top five company in the global game business.
Sammy, Japan's leading maker of pachinko slot machines, has acquired a 22.5% stake in Sega from Sega's former parent company CSK earlier this year. Next month, the two companies will merge and form Sega Sammy Holdings.

While Konami has strengthened its position as Japan's largest third party publisher in recent years, Redwood City, California-based Electronic Arts remains the world's largest third party publisher. US publisher Midway and Britain's Eidos Interactive have been among the companies which have been mentioned in recent takeover talks.


and that some shit ;D

9/16/04 11:12 am - lone_wolf225

I need like an RE4 icon with no text...like Leon...cause he's awesome...if that's cool. Hurricane's a comin so I'm out.

9/12/04 09:15 am - duolon2k3 - PSP TGS Line up

Arc The Lad Generation, PlayStation 2
Wild ARMS The 4th Detonator (formerly Wild ARMS Another Code: F), PlayStation 2
Waga Tatsu wo Miyo, PlayStation 2
Tenken Chimon, PlayStation Portable


9/7/04 05:35 pm - duolon2k3 - News Megaman EXE 5/ activity?/ DMC Demo 3

The New Megaman EXE 5 will have TWO versions (once again Oo;;)

one called Team Blues and Team Colonel . funny.. colonel.. oh well.

anyway place died already lol. oh well no problem. stil updating sometimes since i have thigns to do . s'all good.

DMC3 = Awesome. now i need the full game to play the rest. go download and be addicted lol

9/3/04 06:27 pm - duolon2k3 - Steamboy OST


enjoy ;D

9/3/04 07:55 am - duolon2k3 - X8 delayed once more :/

Mega Man X8 has been slated for a Novermber 9th release, but now is pushed back to November 23rd. The usual suspects, Capcom and EBGames, are showing this. This setback in the release shouldn't be too surprising or appalling, though. Considering there's still no specific date for the release of X8 in Japan, things are still a bit up in the air.

source: PMM

WELL I GUESS we need to wait a bit longer :/ heh i can't wait. *downloads import* jk .. thats not even out yet Oo
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