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Your Lively Updates for Commander X

Megaman Fans of Neo Arcadia
Paterson, New Jersey
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Well I now can make some rules but its all good. Nothing changes however.

1. Let us Not act childish.
2. Be yourself in any kind of way. (if thats ok with you lol)
3. Respect eachother and we'll all get along
4. Posting any downloadables ,etc is fine with me just dont go overboard.
5.make sure that every topic is stayed ON topic and no flaming. Unless necessary.
6. NO F'N advertising communities,
7. NO Taking members away. thats a f'n NO NO
8. Recommend this place to your friends. I want this to grow a little. not that much but just to a certain point that i have ppl there otherwise whats the point ?.
9. Have fun and god bless you all ;D.

X-Hunters Community is also based on the stuff your interested like college, future, graphics stuff and art so feel free to post them in !! Icons can be very inspiring if you ask me so there are some i have here that can help you ;).

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My Final Heaven

I hope for this place to grow more over the year.